A 9mm Stored In My Underwear Drawer


OK, to better learn about my characters for my novel- being that my main character is a former Marine & now Police Officer, I’ve done the following:

Interviewed (2) Marine and know another

Visited a recruitment office

Read a crap load of materials on them

Studied countless Marine videos ( Discovery Channel stuff, personal blogs & journals)

Watched Marine themed movies including ‘Full Metal Jacket’ and I HATE war movies !!!

Facebooked I “Liked” the United States Marine Corp on Facebook including their Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego (Where my fictional character will be trained at)

Shooting I’m even going to go rifle and pistol shooting in the upcoming months

Spoken with Family Even though he isn’t a Marine I sat down with my father and spoke to him about his experience in the Army and why he joined. When I asked him why the Army and not the Marines he said “I didn’t  join the military to go fight and kill someone!” CRACKED ME UP!! But it says a lot about the roll and perception of the Marines in our armed forces.

I’m about as liberal as they come. I used to be afraid of guns and I didn’t know or think about the difference between each of the armed forces. Outside of knowing why my own family, friends and community members join the military (ie. A way out of bad neighborhoods, career/school opportunities or a need for strong support and guidance) I never really understood why anyone would put themselves in harms way for our own government that has demonstrated time and time again how they ALWAYS need to be reminded to give back when our soldiers return from war and are in need.

With that in mind, my ongoing process of learning and listening to the experiences of others I’ve come to respect and admire the strength, courage and stamina found in each of these Marine men and women, truly amazing. For that I am grateful to everyone I have spoken to and what I have learned.

However, in the process of researching I think I’ve come to learn way too much about hair cut regulations, rankings, The Crucible, and even BCGs…… that would be ‘Birth Control Glasses’ (military issued glasses).  And now my friend (The Marine I interviewed) was so excited that I was writing a story about a Marine he went out and bought me a T-shirt, coffee mug and my favorite, a Marine fatigued mouse pad!

Now if I can only get all my NYC Police family members and friends to get me stuff. I will be well on my way to become a card carrying NRA member with a 9mm stored in my underwear drawer and shotgun in my imaginary pick-up!! 😛


4 comments on “A 9mm Stored In My Underwear Drawer

  1. NK says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Natasha… I’m glad you found me because your blog is great and I’m looking forward to reading it. Looks like we’re both in the throws of character development… it’s so much fun.

    If you’re in the NY area I know a great spot for gear 🙂

    Looking forward to following your journey.

    • Natasha says:

      Hi Nancy!! Thanks for coming by and reading. Trust me I understand the struggle with it. But it’s also nice to know I’m not alone. I really enjoy reading your blog and signed up. LOL!! gear!! totally 🙂 I didn’t know you also had poetry written on your blog. I couldn’t see it from my phone app. Can’t wait to read the rest of your work.

  2. Eden says:

    I loved this post because it is SO like me. And some of the perceptions you drew out of it are extra wonderful.. I always have such fun when I “stop in” here. Thanks, Natasha.

    • Natasha says:

      Ha! Thanks Eden. Doing research can be really fun…I tend to get lost sometimes in it but well worth it. I can’t wait to go on another police ride- along. I’ll take pics and post.

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