Music & Writing

The Push Pull of Love

Within my novel I’ve been  attempting to show the universal experience of pain, regret, love and family. Suffice it to say, far too often  these topics tend to drudge up my own personal experience with these same issues.  Essentially, this is where I use my poetry as a cathartic process of releasing the things that weigh heavy on me.

So, in between my novel-writing I’ve been working on one particular poem that speaks of my own intimate experience with the push-pull of love, anger, longing and desire. Honestly, I’ve been having a lot of difficulty with it. My words have been feeling like a tangled web of hair, unable to comb through. This is where music often helps me…it puts me in the right mindset.

Pandora, my iTunes and CD collection are always on or within reach. I’ve even gone as far as using my Sound machineapp on my iPhone to use as I write. Depending on the particular scene I’m working on (hospital setting, outdoors in a park) I pick from the various sounds they offer. There I have a sampling of thunder storms, forest sounds, rain falling on a tin rooftop, traffic and distant train sounds. It may be a bit weird but for me it helps.

For my novel and this particular poem the song below is always looping in the foreground. I feel like the music embodies the idea of  leaving behind while moving ahead. You can almost sense the movement as you listen… well at least I do 🙂

I hope you enjoy it.

“Untitled #4” (a.k.a. “Njósnavélin”)  -By Sigur Rós
The song had a Hollywood debut in the movie ‘Vanilla Sky’ during the final scene.

4 comments on “Music & Writing

  1. I can relate you to completly! Im glad Im not the only one writing from a mans perspective 😉 great advice btw.

  2. Natasha says:

    I was worried and still mindful of this. However, I have found the book ‘He Understanding Masculine Psychology’ by Robert Johnson really helpful.

    Its a short read but helpful in identifying the motivations and things that drive men…. well, at least an idea of it. LOL!! 🙂

    Thanks for reading my post!

  3. jayrodpg says:

    I almost exclusively write to music. It is a way of shutting out the rest of the world as well as finding a groove and place where you can really connect with the characters that you are writing about. As for the psychology of men I would read a book from called “Man Enough” by Frank Pittman, to help you get closer to the ideas of what drive men. It helped me a ton for which I am totally grateful for. Good luck on your goals and I’ll catch ya later.

    • Natasha says:

      Thanks Jayrod!!! I totally feel the same about music. I will definitely look into the book, anything to help me get in touch with my inner “dude” LOL!!!

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