A Writer, The Big Apple and the Great Escape

I was asked to be a guest writer on The Life of Riley, a fantastic New York driven blog that covers the literature and arts community of the city.  Here’s a great peek at the article.


New York City is a hotbed continually producing world renown and influential writers; it is clear it’s the environment conducive to attaining resources to those who seek them out. So, over the last six months I decided to retool my artistic process strategy for better effectiveness. By doing so I’ve been able to meet inspirational people, find stimulating places write, share my work and participate in writing groups.  Wondering how I manged to completely overhaul my situation?It was exceedingly simple; I gave myself time to actually see what was right in front of me.

Once I started looking for opportunities finding them became easier….For the full article go to The Life of Riley

Quick Links To NYC Writer Resources (Click Below)

A month long of research, calling and visiting places- Take advantage of it!                      From one fellow writer to another. Hope it helps!


8 comments on “A Writer, The Big Apple and the Great Escape

  1. Heather says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the book suggestions! I’ll definitely check them out!

    • Natasha says:

      Great! I hope they help.

      Re: Stephen King book is a real eye awakener on who he is an was as he was writing his most famous novels. Then the other half of the book is general writing techniques.
      Re: Off the Page: This is a really easy read. Its the type of book you read as you commute to work or during your lunch break but VERY INFORMATIVE on big name author’s writing process

  2. Eden says:

    You’re tempting me to make that day trip I’ve been thinking about for a while. Thanks for the heads up on good “writing” spots.

  3. I love reading your posts! They are inspirational but more for me they are just down right motivating. Making me want to dig harder. Now after reading this I REALLY want to work towards one of my dreams of visiting New York City. I’ve never been there but every time I read about it or watch something about it I just feel so complelled to go there!
    Question…Do you ever use writing prompts to help you write something everyday? If so I’d love to know where you get them. I know I could Google it, but quite frankly the staggering number of hits I would get would make my ADD go into overdrive and I could quite possibly explode.
    Thanks for the posts and Happy Writing!

    • Natasha says:

      Hi Sarabeth,
      Thanks so much! I post to help me get through my hurdles as I write, and trust me there are many. And to share…I hope to help (at least a little) 🙂

      Wow! You really had me thinking for the last hour about writing prompts. I’ve never systematically thought about or used writer’s prompts. But now that you have me thinking I realized I do..in a way. So I went through my paperwork from one of my writing classes and spent a few moments thinking about what triggers an idea or for me to write in a specific way. I hope this helps

      I dug up writing prompt from my favorite writing class that helped me work on my dialogue and think outside of the box. The professor asked that we read the dialogue in Ernest Hemingway’s ‘The Hills Like White Elephants’ The dialog is amazing. It’s pretty much a back a forth but done in skillful way that you are still able to follow. This has helped me create great dialogue whenever I get stuck, I even wrote a kick ass text message conversation between my two main characters. It was totally fun! Here is a link to the short story: http://www.scribd.com/doc/94569/Hills-Like-White-Elephants

      Daily Writing Prompts:
      (Story Outline)
      In general I use my story outline sections and subsections to help keep me on track and knowing what I should be focusing on next. However, I do use other prompts, although they may not be considered ‘real’ prompts.
      Its weird but I listen to a lot of music and for some songs I actually look up the lyrics for inspiration. It’s when the song resonates a similar feeling or issue that is happening in my story. This helps me a lot. Some of the lyrics are written like real poetry. I’ve even printed up a few to keep with me.
      I make myself take a break from writing to read. I read books that have really good writing -so I don’t pick up bad habits- and or short stories/ news articles that deal with some of the issues that are similar to my story. I.e. My story deals with a former Marine so I read personal blogs and stories about being a Marine speaking about their experience. This always prompts an idea or issue that I may have forgotten or want to cover.
      Weird but whenever I’m looking up a word I read the other associated words and they often trigger another thought.

      General Writing Prompts:
      Once in a while I go to my Gotham Fiction Writing Workbook for writing prompts… Totally worth the $8 bucks! Here is the link http://www.amazon.com/Writing-Fiction-Practical-Acclaimed-Creative/dp/1582343306/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1327645146&sr=8-1
      Gotham Writer’s Workshop website also has acclaimed authors state what their favorite writing prompt is. It’s a really interesting read. Here is the link http://www.writingclasses.com/SearchResults/index.php?q=writing+prompt&sa=Search

      Writer’s Block Prompt:
      My teacher used to say whenever she got stuck in her writing she would go back to where she was excited about the story. My interpretation of this is to write about a scene in the story that I have clear in my mind or am excited about seeing how it will turn out. That could be anywhere in the story, incl. the end.

      I hope this helps and makes sense.
      I should have totally made this a post…I just may LOL!! COME TO NY!!!!!!!

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