Random Information About Me

Brought To You By: Versatile Blogger

I was nominated and given a new Versatile Blogger Award!!! A bit chain letter like but still very cool for a newbie like me 🙂

Thank you Lillie McFerrin at Lillie McFerrin Writes, Jayrod at The First Original Garrett’s Writing Blog and Steven Watson at Stuck in My Own Mind for nominating me. You are awesome writers!!


OK- These are bloggers that I’ve come to respect their advice, love their sites, am grateful for the comradery. Honestly they are some of the best writing buddies to have.  Follow them on Twitter, they are really great people to connect with.

  1. Jayrod- The First Original Garrett’s Writing Blog
  2. Steven Watson- Stuck in My Own Mind
  3. Lillie McFerrin- Lillie McFerrin Writes
  4. Eden- Many Worlds From Many Minds
  5. Sarabeth- Confessions of a Thirty Something Teenager
  6. Melissa- The Undeveloped Story
  7. Gene Lempp- Gene Lempp Blog
  8. Jason Runnels- The Puzzling Mind of Jason Runnels
  9. Nubia- Unicorns Are Real
  10. Kate Spenser- Sordid Details
  11. Carl Brand- My Vogon Poetry
  12. Ian Carter- Fictian
  13. Dana- The Daily Dose
  14. Jeremy Kerr- Cur Made
  15. Megan McGibney


  1. Although born in New York City, I was raised in the suburbs of Dutchess and Ulster County (Upstate New York). You know, its the kind of place where summers are filled with county fairs and teen flings. All the swimming was done within the cold mountain waters of Lake Minnewaska and Bear MountainIts the kind of place were high school rivalries against neighboring districts are taken very seriously only to be settled on the Basketball courts and Football fields (most times).   I was there during a time when most of my friends hung out at the local Poughkeepsie Galleria Mall, snuck into the movies and worked at The Gap & Express. Overall it was a great place to grow up in. Looking back now, had my family stood in NYC I think I would be a different person; not necessarily bad…. just different.
  1. My most favorite sound in the world is the sound of Cicadas singing during late summer nights in the country. The sound can instantly take me from an irritable or depressed mood to camping with my parents or my nighttime drives coasting down the back roads of Route 32 with the windows down in my 84 Corolla; to being kissed by my teen love under the stars in Bowdoin Park. (Weird I know, but they said random information)
  1. I am a horrible, speller. I mean really bad. So much so that even when I tweet I try to make sure I am spelling everything correctly. And even then I miss a few and when I find out I go back and erase the Tweet praying no one noticed.
  1. I love to swim… or at least stay in the water for long periods of time. When I was younger I would swim at the local beaches and lakes until all my fingers and toes would wrinkle. Usually by that time I would be suffering from a leg cramp but still refusing to get out until my mom would yell at me. Even now as an adult I’m the same. My mother used to say I was a guppy in a previous life, I think she was right.
  1. I’ve come to dislike the City in a real way. The hustle, the overcrowding, the need to work in places where your salary anywhere else in the country would be enough to provide for a small family, but in New York City you barely get by. In Spanish they say “Nueva York es una bruja, cuando vives aqui no te suelta” Translation: New York is like a witch, she beckons you in with the allure of big city life but once you are here it will be hard for you to leave.
  1. I really do love music. It helps me get through really bad times, celebrate good ones and often makes me think of the people, places and experiences that at times hurts to relive, but also feels good to think about during a 4 min song
  1. I have rather large feet and tiny ears. Feet not that big, but big enough to match my 5′ 10 1/2″ height   LOL!!! Sorry, I couldn’t think of anything else in this moment.

9 comments on “Random Information About Me

  1. jayrodpg says:

    Ooh! Thanks for the blog love! I’m super stoked to find a direct link to Gene’s blog here. I look forward to reading it. I really enjoyed getting to know a few more things about you and I hope that you get more awards so that you’ll continue helping me get to know you! Thanks Natasha!

  2. Eden says:

    What a wonderful surprise this morning, Natasha. Thank you. And I’m really glad to see you got the award. Loved your post on Life of Riley, ….though…. I do have to tease you a bit about the “Upstate” thing, since we call Poughkee-land the gateway to the City up here in cow-country. 😉

    !5 random things… I’m sure now that you’ve posted this you’ve thought of another thirty or so you could have written. I know that’s how it’s going to be for me. :-/

    • Natasha says:

      HA!!! That’s funny!! I know Dutchess County is ‘city’ like to most real ‘Upstater’s’ But now living in NYC its country enough for me. Although if I ever did move back up I would most likely live in Ulster again (New Paltz area) it has less of an Urban Sprawl feel. However I would like to preface that I’m not from Poughkeepsie… Beacon yes, but not Poughkeepsie. Ha!!!!!! Growing up in Beacon there were constant ‘school wars’ between Poughkeepsie, Beacon and Newburgh. Town rivalry still runs deep. LOL!!!!

      Can’t wait to see yours!

  3. Gene Lempp says:

    Wow! Thanks Natasha 🙂

    I’m glad ROW80 gave us a chance to meet. Super cool about the award, much appreciated. Big congrats to you on winning a Versatile as well, I’m sure it will be the first of many. Keep writing it forward! (little line I picked up from Bob Mayer and Who Dares Wins).

  4. Congrats on being recognized for your great blog!

    Thanks for the shout out too 🙂

    I have to say I have the complete opposite reaction to #2. The cicadas where I live drown out the voices in my head. You know some people’s reaction to hearing a dentist’s drill? Yeah? Well, that’s what cicadas do for me.

    But then again, there are over 2000 species of cicadas and the ones you hear can probably sing like Susan Boyle.

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