Grants/ Money & Resources for Writing

As much as I would like to say that I am full-time published writer attending book tours,  traveling from one city to the next. Or that I’m currently negotiating with producers for movie right deals….Alas no,  this is not the case, for the moment at least! LOL!

I actually work full-time at a university as a grants administrator (federal sponsors and private  foundations).  I’ve spent the last 12 years of my life cultivating private donors, researching and writing many grant proposals; each in an effort to obtain funds for wonderful organizations and projects I believe in; many of which work within the communities  that mean the most to me… Teens, HIV/AIDS and of course the Arts.

YES, I’ve been able to help secure large amounts of funds (yup, in the millions) for non-profit organizations and groups over the years. However, now that I am finally doing what I want to do most I’ve been trying to translate this skill  to help myself as a new writer.

Well, it’ has not been easy to say the least. Competition is high and resources are always limited. So in my research and learning this ‘new’ craft of trying to find funding as a writer/ artist I thought I share some of the things I have found. Maybe something that may not work for me may work for you…..

QUESTIONS & COMMENTS: Leave a comment or send email,  I will try my best to help. OR if you have info to share GREAT!!!!


  • GRANTS – Coming soon!
  • Helpful Links
  • Proposal Writing Tips– Coming Soon!
  • Free Writing or Artist Contests– Coming Soon!

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