New York City Writers! Resources

I spent almost a month researching various resources available for New York writers. Here is what I came up with.  You ask, ‘Why are you sharing?’  Well, I figured why should everyone struggle and reinvent the wheel when its hard enough being an artist.  So…


Check Out These Free and Inexpensive Resources for New York Writers!

General Writer Resources

Who Needs an MFA When You Have Free or Inexpensive Workshops

New York Book & Literature Festivals

Places to Jam & Listen

Places to Meet NYC Writers

When Membership Pays

  • Author’s Guild (sliding scale based on your writing salary)  Note: Once you are a member you receive invitations to panels and programs throughout the year. NETWORKING!!
  • Writing Rooms (Rent 24hour accesses spaces to write by yourself or with others)

Ok, Maybe You Do Want To Get Your MFA

Need a Space to Write?

Most of us have no choice but to write wherever and whenever we can. And should we be lucky enough to find a little free time and a secluded spot, life still has a habit of interfering. Now I’ve seen it all, desktop computers with full 22 inch monitors in a busy Starbucks, to textbooks, bags and papers laid out across small spaces alienating both customers and café owners. In the end, finding a good spot to write takes exploration, consideration, good etiquette and thinking outside of the box.

You should be looking for:

  1. Location (Near transportation)
  2. Service (Laid back with inexpensive but good food)
  3. Atmosphere (Ample lighting and good seating)
  4. Wi-Fi & Electrical Outlets
  5. Extended hours of operation
  6. Amount of Traffic: (You don’t want to take up space and potential revenue for long periods of time, so find the best places and times to go to a particular café to avoid these kinds of issues)

FREE (Wi-Fi & Seating)

SPENDING $4-$6 For the Space, Outlet, and Wi-Fi

SPENDING $10-$25

$400 and Up

  • Writing Rooms (Rent space to write by yourself or with others)

General Hot Spots

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