How To Follow My Work

It wasn’t easy trying to pick the best place to create my blog. Tumblr vs. WordPress, vs Blogger, vs my own website. In the end I choose WordPress as my main site & Tumblr as a place to share and repost other writers work.

Either way you can read my work and see my posts at anytime. Some of my answers below are obvious for some, but I know for me I tend to get confused. So just in case here’s how…


If you (HAVE) WordPress or (DO NOT) have an account to any social network site or blog

  • Simple! Just go to my WordPress site (this one). On my home page type your email address where it says “Enter your email address to follow this blog”  You will automatically receive an email whenever I post.



I do a lot of research, and in doing so I find some really interesting things. So you can see the process of which I am able to obtain the info I receive while learning about some of my characters- I will post some of this information to the blog

Because we (writers/ artists) could all use a little help… I will post resources, links, NaNoWriMo info including grants and fellowships.

After long week of writing…IF, I find a passage from my novel that makes sense & is understandable I will share.

Essentially, this is where I use poetry as a cathartic process of releasing the things that weigh heavy on my chest and grip my heart

Because sometimes words are not enough

Music is one of the most important things I love and need when I’m creating.  So I listen to a lot of it as I write.  I will share one or two songs as I am actively listening to them  in those moments.

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