58 Photos That Brought Me Back

There are two things I believe in when I write

1. I need to push through on the days I don’t want to write. Push through even when I feel like a complete failure in my writing, and push even when I don’t feel inspired that day;

2. However, in the same token it is healthy to take a short break from writing… a break to breath, a break to collect your thoughts and to live life.  (After all, this is were we can get our most meaningful inspirations from)

After writing and editing a few chapters dealing with some really tough issues, I decided to take a week off. Take off from the novel and everything surrounding it. The process of creating this monster of a novel (I use that term with only my most loving endearment LOL!)  has a been a real emotional journey for me.

But even on my ‘Off’ days I’m always thinking about my story and the characters in it. I have Cops and Alaska State Troopers playing in the background. All in an attempt to learn ‘language, lingo, actions and behaviors’ of my characters’. I’m also watching and listening to the interactions between people in my personal life and those in public spaces.

More than I would like to admit, my mind is often on the story I’m writing about and the journey my characters are taking. However, this particular week I needed a respite from it all. Spending time with friends, reading, and being with my godchild was exactly what I needed.

However, it didn’t take long for my book and characters to beckon me back. This time it came in the form a picture….58 of them. On February 3rd The New York Times featured a pictorial display of the work from a former New York City Police Officer Antonio Bolfo. I had never seen anything like it. They were beautiful and tragic all at the same time. Humanizing the people behind the ‘Force’. Helping us, the viewer get a glimpse of the trials they go through.

Why is this relevant? A few years ago I met and befriended a former Marine, now 20+ year veteran of the police force. I learned about a world and a life I had never given a second thought to. I listened to life changing experiences and stories that dealt with two decades of witnessing the ugliest most part of people. With a new found respect, I was inspired by his strength and the pain he had both felt and was witnessed to.

In awe of his endurance to keep waking up each morning to do it all over again, it became one of the many reasons why I began writing my novel. So when I saw Bolfo’s images, I was moved by the depiction of their heroism, fatigue, stress and comradery for each other.

Getting back on track to my 700 words a day, I hope you find them just as inspiring as I do…
Antonio Bolfo/Reportage by Getty Images
Antonio Bolfo/Reportage by Getty Images
Antonio Bolfo/Reportage by Getty Images
Antonio Bolfo/Reportage by Getty Images
The related photograph(s) belong to their rightful owner, Antonio Bolfo/Reportage by Getty Images. Copyright infringement is not intended. Will remove promptly upon request.

6 comments on “58 Photos That Brought Me Back

  1. jayrodpg says:

    Taking a break from emotionally difficult writing can be one of the most difficult decisions to make and also one of the most valuable. That is the great thing about writing as opposed to life, we can take a break from it when the emotions are too much for us to deal with. In real life we can’t do that. Kudos to you Natasha, for having the courage to take a break. I hope that it revitalizes your writing and your spirits.

    • Natasha says:

      Thanks Jayrod! So very true.. I really think its healthy to take a break… not to put it down completely but enough to rethink some things and get perspective in what you have written and what you are going to write.

  2. Gene Lempp says:

    Taking time to reflect & recharge is good and normal. We all need time to live and grow, projects need time to deepen, like bread rising or pie baking. Smell the apples?

    The pictures are very good. The one taken through the safety glass of the officer on the steps, holding a cup of coffee, his face, says it all. A moment to reflect and rest, before heading into the next fray.

    Have a great week, Natasha 🙂

  3. surbhi bafna says:

    Hello Ma’am
    I’m a newbie blogger from India. Just landed on your space. A magic indeed!!!
    I’m inspired from your life and now I’ll be just believing in the words , ” Never never never ever give up!!”. I would like you to be beacon to guide me through my path. I’m mired in the mud of ignorance and no-help-from-anyone problem. I want you to mentor me .I’ll be reading all your posts in a couple of days.

    Warm regards.
    Ciao ma’am
    Hioyoy 🙂

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